One Hundred and Forty Nine

This week we'll look at beauty and terror as seen in the mythology of women. Stories though out history mostly told by men of power and tragedy, love and treachery featuring the likes of Aphrodite, Xi Shi, The Gorgon Medusa and goddess Kali. These tales are endlessly fascinating yet rarely illuminating of the lives of actual women. So we'll hear from six songs offering a modern twist to these myths. They come from Jen Gloeckner, First Rebirth, Zoe Leela, Swoon, A Beautiful Curse and Ruxpin. I'm Jim Nye.

We'll begin with Jen Gloeckner from her 'Mouth of Mars' CD. This is 'Pulse'

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From Russia Anton Chirtsov produces dark triphop as First Rebirth. Here is 'Last Runaway'

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Zoe.LeelA and 'Destroy She Says'

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From Baden, Switzerland Elias Kohli records as Swoon. This is 'Crystal Night'

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Drummer Kenny James' latest project is A Beautiful Curse. This comes from his 'As It Should Be' release. It's 'A Lot Like Diamonds'

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From Iceland Jonas Thor Gudmundsson puts together ethereal beats as Ruxpin. 'You Look Lovely In This Spacesuit'

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One Hundred and Forty Eight

This week, we'll look at five artists making deeply layered dense and hypnotic electronica. In the early part of the decade Minimalism, glitch and even chiptunes were a reaction to what became a pretty predictable set of recordings featuring 4 chord progressions and pedestrian beats. Now finding a new mix of drama and subtlety are Ed Drury, Melorman, Northcape, Bitbasic and Wordless Poem. I'm Jim Nye.

We'll begin in Oregon with multi-instrumentalist and Didgeridoo master Ed Drury. This is 'Jawidge"

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From Athens, Melorman creates melodies with granular ambience and chilled beats. This is the lush 'You Are'

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Here is another Brighton's Northcape from his 'Some Bright Valley' release it's 'A Part of The Forest'

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This is Bitbasic feeling 'Blueish'

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We'll close with mystical love and devotional song. Here is Wordless Poem with the mesmerizing 'kanakasaila'

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One Hundred and Forty Seven

This week we'll look at known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. For several weeks, half a dozen great songs have lingered on the desktop as I've looked for ways to include them on the show. They are by unknown, unsigned artists, well known indie bands and arena popular stars. All podsafe. This week I'll string them together and let you guess who they are. Film at 11.

Few artists can paint a more vivid musical picture like legendary street troubadour Tom Waits. We pulled that from his 'Real Gone' release. Find more at

We started with Dub disco titans The Orb from The Dream' CD. Check out episode 111 for a more extensive look at the band and the That was followed by New York's 46 Bliss, a band gaining a big following in indie circles. Find more from this great group at It was followed by newcomer Ellen Vate's 'Deeply Loaded' from the German net label We also heard from Ann Wilson and Elton John covering Flash in the Pan's late 70's indie hit 'Where to now St. Peter' and The Entry's 'Life Cabaret Severin 24's remix' found at

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One Hundred and Forty Six

This week, we'll look at the downcast and sorrowful. Baruch Spinoza defined sadness as the transfer of a person from a large perfection to a smaller one. All the songs on the show this week have an underlying sadness. They are small vignettes of personal loss and helplessness and yet they are not uncomfortable or painful. There is a soul cleansing purging quality that makes you feel raw and renewing. We'll heard Idmer, Owen, Aydio, Gilo, The Sugar Clouds and Aereal. I'm Jim Nye.

We'll begin with French producer Idmer with 'Echos du Coeur'

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One of the most satisfying forms sadness takes is self-pity. Here is podcast stalwart Owen and 'Dig Your Own Hole'

From his Deltitnu EP, From London, this is Aydio and 'XHD'

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Here is Portuguese Trip Hopist Gilo and 'Unity'

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From Detroit these are The Sugar Clouds myopically and 'All I See is You'

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From his Transitions EP, this is UK idm producer Aereal and the lugubrious 'Bacurex'

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